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Shaun Hathrill and Chantel Hathrill

Shaun Hathrill and Chantel Hathrill

Shaun and Chantel Hathrill of South Africa. 
They were in financial trouble in Kenya, we were friends.
They could not make rent 375,000kes. Or $4,500.
We helped them out and funded their rent for them so they were not homeless (and their kids).
To help pay us back I also got her a job which allowed her to pay me back $1,000.
Then she paid back a further $1,000.
And now they are stiffing us on the balance of $2,500. 


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Davies Melasi


Davies Melasi

Promised to do a website for 20,000/-
Paid him 10,000/- and never heard from him again.

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Thibaud Jean Leon Vallete
Jean Mickael Batrikian

If you hadn't heard already 2 french tourist in Australia had cornered and set fire to a Quokka (an endangered species that is both adorable and not afraid to approach humans)
while filming it have been released today without any charge whatsoever.
They were asked to pay a $4000 fine but said they had no money.
The top picture is from the footage when they corner this poor animal and begin to set fire to him.He appears terrified.
Thankfully he only received minor burns and singed fur and is recovering well.
When the footage was played back to them they still say they dont see what is wrong with what they did.
They have received death threats and threats of violence against them and are now saying they fear for their lives and are scared.
I dont know that anyone cares what happens to these two pieces of shit but i want their shitty faces shown around the world.
Their names are Thibaud Jean Leon Vallete, 24, and Jean Mickael Batrikian, 18



"I had people swindle me of US$7,000 seven years ago.
I put them on dodgybastards.com
It took 5 years to get my money back with interest but I did get it.
The person concerned found that every time they tried to get work the prospective employer checked them out on Google search.
Not only that their kids found them also.
Guess what they found."
Yes they were on Dodgy Bastards!

"Can't thank you guys enough, well done!"


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